Mt. Washington Valley

Mt. Washington Hotel and Resort

We went through New Hampshire twice: one on our way up to Maine and the other time on our way down to Massachusetts. My family really liked NH-from the seashores to the White Mountain Range, lakes and forests, historical cities and ports, and luxurious hotels-so if you have the opportunity to visit the state: DO IT!

We briefly passed through NH State on our way up North but it was quite fun! Only spent one day in Bretton Woods, Mount Washington Valley, where the luxurious Mount Washington Hotel and Resort white edifice contrasts with the rich, deep-green vegetation. The hotel is magnificent, inside and out, and it faces Mount Washington. I´m not gonna lie, we paid a quick visit to the resort´s pool and tennis courts. The building is bright-white with a red roof-pools, restaurants, golf courses, stables, tennis courts, trails, spas, and terraces that extend towards the beautiful mountain are all a little glimpse of the resort. The sun was shining and the view was just too gorgeous. Now, put yourself in my place-no daily showers, a 25ft house, no space for any luxury or fancy things, and not much comfort-so of course you will get if I enjoyed some of the luxury the hotel had to offer, didn´t have to think twice! If you aren´t traveling in a camper and are willing to pay almost $400 for a really nice room, please, pay a visit to Mount Washington Hotel and Resort, it´s simply stunning!

After leaving the hotel, we headed to the Ski Resort of the valley (I don’t remember the name, but you can look up: ski areas in Mount Washington Valley, NH). There, they had a free lift ride to the top of the mountain. Up there we went on a short hike-quite easy and pretty. The view was beautiful! Guess where we went after the hike?? Back to our beloved hotel, of course! This time we opted for a more natural getaway-Ammomoosuc River (I hope this is the name, there weren’t any signs or anything, so I had to Google search for “rivers in Mt. Washington Valley”). We went to this secret falls in the middle of the woods, which my mom had found early in the morning while on a run. The falls were so pretty-it´s quite hard to put into words the beauty of nature many times-and there was no one! This is one of the many things I absolutely love about my “gypsy” life-to find nature´s untouched beauty. The peaceful sound of water hitting rocks echoed in my ears, the crystal-clear emerald-green water drifted through the boulders revealing the rocky bottom of the pool, the last sun rays gave everything a golden color. A perfect place. We all jumped in and almost died of hypothermia-one of the effects of perfect, crystal-clear pools….they often freeze you until your limbs are  nothing but pain, yet it was still so, so worth it!!

This day was probably one of my absolute favorite in this trip so far, and we spent zero cash-which proves that often you don’t need much to have a great time(:

As a side not: you might read some complains of my uncomfortable, zero luxury, 100% unpredictable life, but I love love love love love it so much and wouldn’t trade it for anything! It´s just so much fun, and we always joke about our “poor life”, for instance: this day in Mt. Washington Valley, we lived like rich people in the morning, laying by a luxurious pool and chilling on this huge terrace; in the middle of the day we lived like normal people, going on a ski area and etc; by night we were back to our “poor life”, showering in a freezing cold fall and sleeping in a parking lot.

Ps: In the end of World War II, representatives of thirty nations came to the resort to create the International Monetary Fund’s and the World Bank, which helped rebuild Europe after the War. The name of the treaty is Bretton Woods Treaty.

Casually trying to check out the hotel…
Ski Resort
Ski resort hike view🙌🏼
Our to-go bath option💁🏼
Ammomoosuc Fall
some random hike in NH

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