A very historical town, founded in 1623, which can be visited mainly by walking. Many of the historical buildings were transformed into charming little cafes and restaurants. A really fun thing to do in Portsmouth (which I missed because of school) is to walk through a neighborhood from mid 17th century, which exhibits a portrait of what life would have looked like back then-I only had a little glimpse of the houses and gardens of the Strawbery Banke Museum on our way back home.

Portsmouth is a great city to visit; very vivid, fun, and picturesque. There are many restaurants, bakeries, and gelato shops which you can pick from-we personally went for sushi and Italian gelato. To be honest, I didn’t get to see much of the town because I had to study…but the little I saw I really liked!

At night the town becomes very alive-people, especially students, go out to grab a bite; music and the scent of food filled the streets. Other places to visit are the Market Street, Portsmouth Harbor Trail, Children´s Museum of New Hampshire, and Jones House.

Portsmouth reminded of England´s port towns, I guess New Hampshire in general evoked me of lovely England.

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