Foods I Can´t Live Without

Good Afternoon everyone! This will be another nutrition related post, which I´ll be sharing a little bit about my grocery shopping: where I usually go, what I must have in my fridge and why, and all that sort of stuff.

But before we dive into this subject, I would like to share a little bit about my trip and our whereabouts. For the past few days we have been traveling nonstop-or barely stopping-because of our deadline to arrive in Bellingham, Washington. As I type this I´m driving through the dry, golden hills of Idaho, almost crossing the border with Oregon-only 9 hours away from home! Less than a week ago we were in Colorado, then Wyoming, now Idaho…actually, we are currently in Oregon (just crossed the border). We just bought a new Rv-smaller, older, and more practical-for our road trip to Central and South America, which we will be picking up in a couple of weeks. And…that´s it for now I think…back to nutrition!

Because of my beliefs-that we should take care of this earth by buying humanly grown, pasture raised animals/eggs and foods that haven’t been modified (GMO), or are infested with pesticides and fertilizers (thus, organic and whole foods)-about eating whole, local (whenever I can), and earth-friendly products, I usually seek markets such as the Whole Foods or Coop, and even the local Farmers Market. These markets are a little bit pricier than Walmart and all of those huge supermarkets; however, they support and invest in smaller producers as well as the well being of animals and the earth.

I must confess something to you, readers-I absolutely adore going grocery shopping! I have the best of times, I read every single label and ingredient that I can get my hands on-I have this obsession of knowing the nutritional value from everything I eat-and I love trying out new, healthful recipes. Nevertheless, there are a few products that are constantly in my fridge-I can´t go a meal without one of these ingredients-and which I consider “must haves” when you are striving to reach a specific fitness goal while having some food restrictions (no dairy, refined sugar, gluten):

Ground Turkey Breast & Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is my go-to if I need an “extra protein” in my meal-they are so easy to blend with other ingredients! Another form of protein that I love is 90-99% lean chicken/turkey because, again, they are a great source of protein and they are so easy to make!

Hemp Milk


No, this is not the same as weed; yes, it tastes amazing! Since I became dairy-free, I have been trying to find the perfect substitute for milk-hemp milk. This creamy, nutty flavored milk is a mixture of hemp seeds and water, and it is perfect to make smoothies, to add to recipes, and drink it plain. Hemp milk is exceedingly healthful because it offers high quantities of omega 3 and 6, all of the 10 essential amino acids, and much more!

Ps: always go for the unsweetened versions because they carry less sugar (they have an unsweetened vanilla flavor).



Of course I have eggs on this list because I honestly couldn’t live without them! They are the so versatile, healthy, and delicious. They are great substitutes for flour (I make pancakes with only eggs) and are high in fats and protein, and have zero carbs. However, there´s something I would like to point out: for the well-being of animals, try to buy eggs from “cage-free” chickens that are grass-fed. Why? By buying eggs from cage-free chickens you are ensuring that these animals are not held in confined spaces where diseases are easily spread, and that chickens are being brought up in humane conditions (happy chickens=better quality of eggs).

Almond Butter


Creamy or crunchy, this nut butter is delicious! Almond butter has similar nutritional values to the famous Peanut Butter; however, it is even healthier! This new favorite has more minerals, vitamins, fiber, and monounsaturated fat (healthy fat) than peanut butter; plus, it´s not inflammatory for your body.

Dairy-Free Cheese & Spreads


These two are my newly discovered-life changing-products, and let me tell you something…they are mouthwatering! Dairy-free cheese might sound gross; nevertheless, this one is pretty tasty and is made out of almond milk. There are a few flavors to choose from-mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack-and they all taste amazing with eggs and basically anything that regular cheese would go with! Additionally, I have found some dairy-free cream cheese and red beans spreads, which also go well with a bunch of my recipes!

Baby Aragula


Simply my favorite green…that´s all I have to say.

Coconut Flour & 100% Cocoa Powder


These two are my top ingredients when it comes down to baking some treats-low carb desserts, pancakes, and smoothies (no coconut flour for this one). Coconut flour is a great-healthful-alternative for most of flours out there; furthermore, it has a low carb content, high in good fats (keep you fuller for longer), and tastes great! 100% Cocoa Powder is high on fiber, iron, and antioxidants; additionally, it has a low caloric content and tastes great in all recipes.



Avocados are life-that´s it. I honestly eat avocados everyday and don’t ever get tired. They are extremely healthy for you for many reasons: 1) they are filled with vitamins 2) they have lots of fiber 3) they are high in healthy fats  (makes you fuller for longer periods of time) 4) They have more potassium than bananas (good for cramps) 5) they are loaded with antioxidants 6) they taste great with everything (yes, you can make delicious desserts with avocado).



Let´s get real, you are not Brazilian if you don’t love açaí-that´s a fact. If you lived in a tropical island surrounded by beaches and hot weather, you would eat açaí nonstop…it´s refreshing, sweet, and honestly the best thing ever (yes, even better than ice cream).  However, only the açaí fruit is healthy-not all of the added sugars to it (hello guaraná syrup and condensed milk)-and it can be easily used for smoothies, which are always a great option for breakfast or pre-workout.




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