The Struggles of Living in a RV

As you may have noticed already, I simply love my lifestyle-all of the traveling, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures, the rich history of this country, and the endless surprises. However, there are a few struggles which I must face on a daily basis…things can get pretty ugly while living with four people-plus a dog and two birds-in a 28ft motorhome.

For instance, the shower in our Rv is occupied by many, many boxes; thus, finding a place to shower is a constant task! I must admit, I am pretty proud of myself for mastering a thing called “don’t be picky, if there´s running water, it´s good enough”; with that comforting thought in mind, I have showered in nearly every situation/place possible. Don’t believe me? So here goes a tiny list of “places I have showered that aren’t very normal”: freezing lake and waterfall? Check. As a guest in a Lakota house? Check that too. In a 19th century house and at the 83th floor of the Trump Tower? Yup. At nearly every parking lot and beach showers? Those are basically an everyday thing. In the middle of the woods? Those are my absolute favorite because of the stargazing. At the sides of roads? Aham…I never prayed so hard for a car not to come. In the middle of a historic plantation? That´s actually where it all began. See? Showers are everything but boring with my family-it´s a struggle, but it´s one of those good kinds of struggle.

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We bathed in Jenny Lake, Wyoming, for a whole week
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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Our first outdoor bath (first day of our trip)

When people naively ask me about my privacy and personal life, I straight up laugh at them. Privacy? Personal life? What even is that anymore? For starters I mostly shower outside; secondly, there´s only one working door in my Rv; thirdly, I sleep in the middle of a parking lot many times, so…zero privacy. Similarly, my family and I have found ourselves in some tight situations-hitching a ride with strangers, asking for water in the middle of hikes because we have ran out of it (more than once), having to paddle board or bike or take the bus/subway to places because we couldn’t park our Rv there, do laundry in sketchy neighborhoods (we were urged to leave before dark), been lost a few times in the wilderness, and so on.

Online School could also be challenging at times

All of the things I cited above are the hardest things will get; however, there´s one thing that breaks my heart every time-leaving loved ones behind. Whether it was my friends, which became family, back in Washington, or the wonderful people I met on the road, or my friends from Orlando, which reintroduced to me a little bit of my Brazilian culture; leaving those people behind never ceases to be exceedingly hard. I guess that´s the hardest part of my “nomadic” lifestyle, I never know when I´ll leave and if I´m ever coming back.

7 thoughts on “The Struggles of Living in a RV

  1. Really nice! How many challenges! It is the best education one can have, learn to do everything in any situation.
    Loved your post!


  2. Hola! Soy Bruno el chico que conocieron hace rato en el sushi. Esta increíble tu blog. Cuantos dias se quedan en Tulum? Vayan mañana al hotel nomade hay una escultura increíble q solo estará hasta mañana y tal vez también alcancen a ver una exposición muy padre de un artista mexicano que ha recolectado basura por todo el mundo y hace unas cosas increíbles.

    Me encanta su plan y su familia. Son mi inspiración, espero algún día hacer lo que están haciendo.

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  3. Así soy yo, descomplicado totalmente, esa es una experiencia de vida excelente, desde otro punto de vista, descomplicado pero organizado. Estar viajando constantemente es conocer gente buena, que la hay, en todos los países donde se compenetra uno tanto que al irse de ese lugar le da tristeza y uno no sabe si va otra vez a regresar, pero esa experiencia, esa vivencia es inolvidable, no hay palabras para definir esta. Éxitos a esa familia hermosa que son y que sigan viajando y compartiendo esas vivencias positivas y lindas.

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