The Lobster State

Our stay in Maine was fun, not my favorite state if I´m honest with you but it definitely had its unique moments. Maine is known for its rocky coasts, beautiful forests, and Acadia National Park-one of the most famous parks of the East Coast.


My highlight was the afternoon spent in Portland-the biggest city in Maine, situated on the Atlantic shores of the state-an extremely picturesque town with historical buildings and a gorgeous view of Casco Bay and the Calendar Islands. Most of the Victorian style buildings were made out of brick and stones (I imagine they once were warehouses), but now little cafes, ice cream shops and restaurants occupy them. Large sidewalks edge the piers and the strong smell of salt water ruled the air-my absolute favorite scent.

After walking around the piers for a little while and locating the “perfect spot for fishing” (My sister, Maria, is obsessed with fishing), my mom and I headed back to the RV to go on a run. Now, if you are a big fan of running or walking or biking, Portland is the ideal place to do it! Passing by the downtown, there´s a track only for pedestrians/bikers right on the water, so while you take a stroll you can admire the bay. It felt really good to run there (and I HATE running) because of the refreshing ocean breeze and the smell of salty water, plus there were fifty other people running with us soooo….no time to be a slacker. On our way back, the sky looked like a watercolor-peachy clouds rested on top of the dark silhouettes of the buildings, some were scattered across the baby-blue sky, and streaks of gold laid low on the horizon.

We finished the day by parking behind some buildings (they had a really good parking lot) and showered there-yup, we do shower outside by heating up some water and voila! It´s funny how used to my family and I are getting with the whole “NO PRIVACY” thing…now we  don’t even mind to work out in the middle of a sidewalk, neither we mind showering in parking lots (when they are pretty much empty of course) or….anywhere really!

Another gorgeous sunset in Maine


Extremely tiny port city; Eastport´s downtown is basically one tiny, single street of local business. The town´s economy depends on the lobster and fishing business, also, they have whale watching tours.

The day was sunny and windy-almost perfect for whale watching. We took the 1 p.m. tour and launched into the bitter-cold water. Little water tornados could be spotted here and there and dozens of islands popped up on the dark-blue surface. Everywhere I looked, I could spot American Eagles-on top of trees, hunting, on the rocks, and just flying around the boat. We successfully saw many whales-the Meenk whale, which is the smallest of them; and the Fin, which is the second biggest whale-along with many other marine lives.

Part of the whale watching tour


We only spent one day in Acadia, and golden tip: GET THERE EARLY!! RVS can´t go in some places, but no worries, they have a great shuttle system throughout the park.

We only had time for one hike, so we chose a “strenuous trail”: Beehive Trail. The Beehive is fairly short, around 2 miles, but it is extremely steep-you are mostly climbing rocks on your fours. It has got a stunning view of the Atlantic and on the top there´s plenty of space to rest, have lunch, and admire the view. Leaving Beehive behind, we entered Gorham Trail (they are connected) and just hiked around.

A great way to finish up your visit is to Acadia is grabbing a bite at Jordan Pond House-they offer lunches, dinner, and “tea time” snacks.

Beehive Trail 
Beehive Trail
Acadia National Park
Beehive Trail View of the Atlantic


The day was quite rainy and foggy but it only gave the little British-looking-town an even more British-look. The skinny roads were full of pedestrians and cars, little buildings were glued to each other forming rows of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Behind the edifices the ocean stood, dotted with white sailing boats and private yachts. The little town had an air of melancholy, for most of the buildings were stern looking but quite pretty on the inside. The ocean scent, low buildings, the boats and ocean reminded me so much of England´s seaside cities.

We grabbed some lunch, and I headed to study in the library-turns out the library was closed soooo I just sat outside…almost freezing.

But I highly recommend paying a visit to Camden, it´s quite charming and gorgeous in sunny, warm days (we saw photos), and it can give you an idea of what many towns in England coat´s look like(:

Probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen

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