Pit Stop in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh was really fun, even though we only spent two days there. It´s a big city indeed, but many historical buildings can be spotted, along with the University of Pittsburgh. The great Ohio and Allegheny Rivers frame the city, while beautiful bridges cover both rivers. An amazing place to bike!



Since we don´t have a car, biking is our only option of exploring bigger towns and I truly enjoy it! I highly recommend biking to whoever is on a RV trip because it´s extremely practical, you get to see everything a city has to offer while getting an exercise. We started our trail on the North Shore Riverfront Park, visiting the Pirates Baseball Field. We edged the river, leaving the city behind and entering the industry area. Finally we crossed over to the other side of the Allegheny River, ending up in a cheerful neighborhood. After stopping in a Chinese Market to grab some Red Bean, Vanilla Ice Cream, we headed towards downtown and stopped at the El Gaucho Restaurant to eat some Argentinian food. El Gaucho is amazing; cozy with a broad menu of meats and salads, highly recommend it! Downtown Pittsburgh has a bike path, so it´s quite easy to move around.


Located on the North Shore of the city, the aviary is a great place for kids. My little sister, Maria, enjoyed it a lot. A great variety of species of birds from all over the globe is displayed, along with a bird feeding (you do it yourself), and many other programs that are offered.

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Feeding Time🐛







My absolute favorite thing in Pittsburgh!! So much history, facts, and interesting things to see and do. From dinosaur skeletons to Egyptian mummies, National Geographic photography to gems and minerals expositions, just everything you can imagine it´s there! If you are in Pittsburgh, you MUST go to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and the tickets are half off by the end of the day (I´m not 100% sure how the system works, but we got half off tickets because we only went into the museum with two hours left until it closed).

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Gems & Minerals

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National Geographic Exposition

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