Yellowstone National Park

We didn’t spend much time in Yellowstone, two days total, but it was unforgettable. The weather was bipolar and the wind was blowing constantly. If you didn’t know, Yellowstone is the first national park in the United States (established in 1872) and it’s enormous! It’s so vast that the park’s borders touch three states: Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Yellowstone is the home of nearly three thousand buffalos, wolf packs, bears, deer, moose and elks, and much more. It´s pocked with geysers and crystal-clear multicolored holes, where scalding water restlessly boils. Large lakes and rivers cut across the wild land, and hills are covered with conifers.

As soon as we arrived in the park’s north entrance, the sightseeing and touristy programs started. We visited the Canyon (North Rim Drive), which its powerful waterfall cuts through the bottom of the Canyon, the cool-emerald water contrasted with the warm tons of yellow and red of the canyon´s rocks. And of course, Old Faithful is a must when in YNP. Another main attraction in the park is the Grand Prismatic Spring, a multicolored pool-orange, red, pallid yellow, yellow, green, emerald, turquoise, and marine blue colors perfectly blended with one another- with boiling water. Since it was too hot, we enjoyed a swim in the Firehole Lake, which is this shallow cold river that receives water from the hot springs too. And as a last attraction, we drove by Hayden Valley as nightfall came. The sky was turbulent, a pastel-blue sky took over the left side but dark clouds were rolling in, and at the very tip on my right the last sun rays radiated a golden color.  The prairie was still, a thin river that looked like a silver snake ran through the pale green valley and dark trees framed the scenario. We got to see a few wolves in the distance, a white one and a black one, and to close up a perfect day, we saw two grizzly bears eating a bison carcass (cute).  We got “home” and there was still time to shower, lucky me!! It was kinda messy though…with only 20 minutes left and nearly 15 women to go…(yay!). It was good though, no need to pay “$1 per min” and the electricity only went out twice due to the storm(:



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  1. Beautiful pictures and scenery. Anninha, congratulations on your blog! You are quite a writer 🙂 Your parents should be so proud (I’m sure they are!) of the person you’re becoming. Safe travels and keep up the good work, girl! Love you guys…Saudades, Ana Paula O’Neil

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