Glacier National Park

Today I woke up with the RV moving, around 6:40, so I climbed my bed  down and cuddled in the front seat with my blanket, the streets were empty. Our plan was to find the perfect parking spot, which meant waking up early, so we could get breakfast and go on a hike. What a sweet spot we found! Right by a crystal-clear river in the middle of the woods. We had breakfast and got ready to catch the Logan Pass Bus (any vehicle above 21 ft isn’t allowed, so there’s a bus that can take you). The tall rocky mountains were spotted with snow and green pasture. Wild flowers were everywhere-violet, orange, yellow- and waterfalls descended from the icy peaks. Mountain goats and bighorn sheeps were hanging out across the fields and on the cliff edges. I have traveled to so many places and have done numerous hikes, yet God still manages to take my breath away with his perfect creation, and I can’t describe, nor can photos capture, how beautiful the views were! Maybe a good way to picture Logan Pass is “it looks like the Swiss Alps”-Grandpa John. The rocky slopes were full of baby mountain goats and the lake, in the very end of the trail, was multicolored-turquoise, green, light & dark blue shades- and little islands were scattered across the blue surface. We finished the day by heading back to our “home” and swimming in freezing glacier water until we couldn´t feel our limbs, it was a spectacular day!(:

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