Silverwood & Boulder Beach

Being the first stop in our trip, Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach Park are a must when visiting Idaho. This is my second time visiting the parks with my family and it has been a blast so far! Since we are only spending two nights, we decided to do the waterpark on the first day, for it was around the 90s, and today we visited the theme park. I just loved cooling off in the pools under the sunshine(finally warm enough for me to swim!), while spending some quality time with our very special guest: Grandpa John. After trying out every slide, I would say the Avalanche Mountain and the Riptide Racer were everyone’s favorite slides, but it was also great to relax in the Lazy River while soaking up the sun. Because it rained most of the morning, we only hit up the park around 3 pm (it opens at 11 am & closes at 9 pm). The park was pretty empty due to the weather, which meant barely any lines. Our top rides were the Panic Plunge and the Aftershock, my personal favorite.

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