6 Months on the Road

I’m not really sure when or how the idea of living on the road came up, but I guess that’s what I most love about my family: the crazy unplanned situations we go through together. The comment, “I have an announcement to make, We are gonna travel around the US and I hope you guys are up for it” was very well welcomed in the dinner table a few months back when my family decided to go on this adventure. Now, after frantically waiting for three long months to go by, here I am, in a 25 ft RV with my family and Kai, our dog, on the road across the country. As a result of my family’s disposition of just going with the flow, we have only planned the first fifteen days of our 183 days of traveling (oops), which I honestly like better. We know that going around the extremities of the country is a must, as well as seeking the sunshine and warmer weather(:

4 thoughts on “6 Months on the Road

  1. What a phenomenal idea!! So happy to see that you are doing this blog to keep all of us left behind at breath of this amazing adventure. We dearly love you all and miss you already…hugs to all❤️ Claudia

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  2. It was mice meeting you and your sister at the camp ground. I’ve never really met people from Brazil and you guys are really cool. It’s awesome that you and your family just decided to go and explore the U.S. like you are. Its even cooler that you are writing about your trip on the blog, i wish i could do something like this without having to work while traveling. Best of luck to you and your family on your adventures.


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